Roast Restaurant is perched atop the gourmet retreat of Borough Market in London, Britain’s oldest food market. The restaurant is renowned for quintessentially English cuisine with an imaginative edge, showcasing fine British cuisine and supreme seasonal ingredients. The Bar at Roast serves up quirky cocktails amidst the elegant sounds of the in-house grand piano. The Roast App has been created to work alongside the client’s current online infrastructure with a number of connections to the client’s website and online booking systems.



Advanced Loyalty Perks and Digital Stamps


Utilising native functionality of calendar on devices


Booking Integration with OpenTable

Website Tab

Social Networks, Shop linked to client’s mobile responsive website


Push Notifications

Email Forms

Feedback/Rate the App


The Roast App has a modern design, using the 5 tile (bottom row) navigation and side menu. The App has made use of the Slider functionality on the Home screen to utilise the potential advertising space and linking to the most commonly used tabs on the App. A consistent look and style gives the App a professional appearance, which is in-keeping with that of the client’s
website. Consistency is important when creating an App for a business that already has a website. This can be seen as a plus, as having the website as a base to work from, some of the labour of creating a theme and branding is
removed from the project.

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